We'll be doing a Freak U movie night on Friday, 2022-05-13 at 17:00 PDT / 0:00 UTC. We'll be watching Cuties. I'll post the watch party and voice chat links on the day of.

should we watch it in English or the original French with English subtitles?

@KayFaraday oop! I tied it up between the English and non-English options :3

@alyssawitchcraft taiwanese goth loli isn't a non-english option, it's just how i say "view results"

@KayFaraday Aw it's not a real option? : (

Now it's the only option that i want *sobs*

@KayFaraday that sounds fun. I don't think I'll be able to join in this time since I have responsibilities that day

@KayFaraday Godfuckingdamn

The crazy bastard actually did it...

@KayFaraday how did you even get the film?

I thought it's impossible to find?

Also, I was hoping for Leon The Professional :(

@Aldo idk what you mean fam I just went on rarbg or 1337x and typed "cuties". also we can watch The Professional next week

@KayFaraday I am so tech-illiterate.

What the hell are these sites man. I get the l33t thing, but still, I've never heard of them.

Dark web stuff?



Now that's a word I haven't heard in a long time....Long time...

@Aldo @KayFaraday

Cuties is by no means impossible to find. I watched it a couple months ago on Netflix. Following the controversy Netflix unlisted it but didn't remove it

@KayFaraday @Aldo It won't show up in your recommendations or genre lists, but it's still searchable

@KayFaraday So I have to download some gay application to make it work?

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