Updated Rule 4 to include anti-vaccine rhetoric and ideology.

@headmasters I'm not an anti-vaxxer myself and I understand why that rule has been added, but don't you think that is limiting people's speech? If they have a problem with vaccines, they should at least be allowed to respectfully say so, even if most people disagree.

That's just my 2 cents ^^

@headmasters Pretty sure legitimate discussions are beneficial to the wellbeing of your site, your users, and society as a whole. Can't support this, sorry.
@headmasters I guess those discussions are not allowed, but let's flashback some time back to, what discussions were a bannable offense then on the instance, was it Pro-C discussions and contact discourse?
@headmasters wouldn't want to upset the poor syringes, glad someone stands up for the little guy
@headmasters There's a lot to be said about the Covid vaccines. I'm not antivax, I am vaxxed against Covid, but this doesn't mean that there is no discussion to be had and that some stuff about the Covid vaccine specifically seems sketchy. Not the vaccines themselves (most of them, at least), but the government's handling of them

@Spaghettimon Healthy criticism is encouraged, it's just the blatant radicalized stuff that we don't want to foster here.

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