We updated Mastodon to the latest version, so let us know if you encounter the sign-in bug again. We hope it's fixed by the latest update.

@headmasters i just came back and it had me logged in as someone else. Don't remember the name, but it wasn't iwakan this time; someboy i've never seen on f.u.

@headmasters I was on when it was updated. I didn't see any issues at first (none of the usual "the access token is invalid" errors), but I refreshed a few minutes afterward and was someone else. Hasn't happened again since. Maybe updating triggered it one last time.

@headmasters I've been wondering if this is somehow be because I use the .onion site. I gather this has been an issue with specific users in the past, and it would explain that. I've gone back and forth a bit, and so far, except for the one time coinciding with the update, it's only happened when I'm using .onion. I think I'll stick with the clearnet URL for a while and see if it happens again.

@iwakan @headmasters it happened to me even though I never use the onion site, although maybe the other person was

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