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Here's our position on the matter.

> the funny part here is that I am a trap myself, and this idiot is trying to tell me that what i am is somehow a slur against others.

In order to reclaim a slur it must first be recognized as a slur.

> the actual source it was acquired from:
> - a search for "chinese trap boy"
> - xhamster

The source of the photos calling the people in the photos "traps" doesn't make it okay. Trans sex workers have to demean and degrade themselves and call themselves slurs for marketing purposes. C.f. the use of the words "shemale" and "tranny" on porn sites.

> And that is RETARDED, and I mean , in this case, "retarded" as the actual definition of mental deficiency and slow development, because such a flawed and biased reasoning to arbitrarily decide that a specific term that has nothing at all to do with transexuality is a slur against transexuality is a measure of stupidity I can only ascribe to retardation.

The implication here being that all people with intellectual disabilities are stupid and that anyone who disagrees with them must have an intellectual disability. That's still derogatory even if you try to dodge it by using the original meaning.

For these reasons and given @FallenFadedLostItAll's history we have decided to freeze their account and limit their alts. Is this the product of a personal grudge? Yes to be honest. I don't feel that Bitterblossom is a good fit for the instance, but never had enough reasons (until now) to actually do anything about it. This isn't me acting on the grudge though, because if I were doing that, I'd have banned them a long time ago. This is me enforcing the rules of this instance.


@FallenFadedLostItAll we'll wait for you to reply to this message before freezing your account.

I still don't get your grudge, that came up out of nowhere and at the time you whipped out some complete bullshit to try and justify it. This just now is the closest you've gotten to being honest about it, so kudos for maturing a little bit.

And this business with deciding that "trap" is a somehow a slur is a whole other mess of bullshit.

I wouldn't really call the porn industry's buzz-words slurs either, but that's a completely separate socio-political discussion that also has nothing at all to do with the term "trap".


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