Some image uploads are still failing due to an issue with the disk. We're sorting it out with our hosting provider and will let you know how that goes.

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Powering down the server shortly to work on the disk some more.

@freakuup Turns out it was due to an internal issue with our hosting provider.

@Yokilol @Bigmeat Wow you actually did report him. Can you refrain from using the reports feature as a joke please?

Suspended Logan / logantheacnomap on all their known accounts due to a history of leaking MAPs' information to antis.

@freakuup we're back up. Still don't know why we were down. Will let you know as soon as we do.

@cinnacubb @KayFaraday next time can you please ask them to include your username in their app, or something else so we know it's you? it's a bit hard to tell who was referred by you and who wasn't atm

WebP images are now supported 🎉

Animated WebPs in particular don't animate when uploaded directly here, but they will still work on posts from other instances.

Added these emojis for memes :brainmeme1:​ :brainmeme2:​ :brainmeme3:​ :brainmeme4:​

@FallenFadedLostItAll please use a cw for this kind of post next time. thanks ✌️

Freak U has an easter egg that nobody's spotted yet. Our IPv6 IP ends with f0cc:do95:69. as in "fuck dogs 69" 🤭

@Yoki it's a core part of your computer's OS that can't be upgraded without rebooting.

Rebooting the server in 15 minutes to apply a kernel upgrade.

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