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A permissions error briefly caused some images and site resources to fail to load. It's been resolved.

Having trouble signing in on Fedilab? Make sure this option is checked:

Added to our X-Clacks-Overhead header. Thanks to @comrade_lecter for the reminder.

@sleepytree, alias of @TiredCarrot has been temporarily suspended.

Update: you can use a fork of Tusky called Husky. It doesn't have this bug, and it also supports seeing who replied to whom and markdown. You can download the latest official build here:

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Temporarily disabled @TiredCarrot on this server due to continuing to suicide bait others on alts after being warned about it here.

Silenced @/ as an alt of @/ If you want to see any of their posts or get any notifications from them you'll have to follow them first.

Unfortunately, due to a bug in Tusky, simply opening a post in Tusky with a broken image crashes the entire app. We're looking into alternatives for you to use.

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OK. We've fully migrated to the new drive. Images/videos received by this server over the past day may 404 but all older images and future images will work.

Our head admin is still not really in a position to fix the site, but we have a pretty good idea of what to do.

In the meantime, text posts still work here, and if your app is crashing loading our site, you can use the website on your phone or PC.

Turns out putting image uploads on a separate disk is harder than it seemed! We'll take another look at this tomorrow. Image uploads are disabled meanwhile. If you have any experience with feel free to reach out.

The site is back, but uploading images is currently impossible. Old images continue to work. We're working on it now.

^ posts that aged pretty well

We've cleared some more disk space, are working on preventing logs from taking up like 8 GB (lol), and will buy some more. School's back in session

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Silencing @tsumi and their known alts soon, due to harassment of a trauma victim via disrespectful argument. Once it's done, the only way to see this person's posts will be to follow them from this server, as if they're muted by default. Additionally, they will be unable to follow us unless we follow them first. du -sh --si ~mastodon{,-fu}/app/public/system
15G /home/mastodon/app/public/system
76G /home/mastodon-fu/app/public/system

Wew, this site's using about 57% of our disk space. We'll need some more soon.

Hello, everyone!! I have moved to and you can find me there under the same name!

I wish everyone here the best of luck <3

Added to our X-Clacks-Overhead header. Gone but not forgotten. :rapesexualflag:

Oh yeah, we also removed the rules summary at the top of the page. This caused confusion for some of our members, and it was annoying to have to duplicate it with the full rules list.

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