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Increased the character limit to 10,002 and decreased the max profile fields to 10.

It'll probably be tomorrow since their office is closed now.

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Our hosting provider will be shutting down the machine at some point today to investigate the disk.

Bringing down the site shortly to work on the disk some more…

Some image uploads are still failing due to an issue with the disk. We're sorting it out with our hosting provider and will let you know how that goes.

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Powering down the server shortly to work on the disk some more.

Suspended Logan / logantheacnomap on all their known accounts due to a history of leaking MAPs' information to antis.

WebP images are now supported 🎉

Animated WebPs in particular don't animate when uploaded directly here, but they will still work on posts from other instances.

Freak U has an easter egg that nobody's spotted yet. Our IPv6 IP ends with f0cc:do95:69. as in "fuck dogs 69" 🤭

Rebooting the server in 15 minutes to apply a kernel upgrade.

Shut down for the foreseeable future because we weren't able to bring it up to our quality standards. Specifically:

  • It didn't work at all over Tor
  • It enabled your webcam by default, possibly face-doxing people.

lab.f.u wins. git.f.u and computerlab.f.u now both redirect to lab.f.u. If you want a place to host your software projects, feel free to sign up with your Freak U account at,

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In order to keep this site more discussion-oriented, the local timeline no longer shows boosts.

OK! git.f.u will be a redirect. Follow-up poll:

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